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Welcome to BRT Jewels Kennel located in sunny Alberta where dogs really are mans best friend.  As you visit our site you will find relevant information and great pictures about all aspects living with Black Russian terriers, from choosing a puppy that will suit your lifestyle, to caring and protection training of a BRT. Take as much time as you need to browse through our site and come back often to see our updates and news!


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The Black Russian Terrier is brave and very observant, and above all they possess a level of intelligence, that continues to amaze their owners. This breed is a breed with a purpose, and a great family companion. They are strong and balanced, and sometimes may be stubborn.

Aloof with strangers, it has a protective instinct that will appear at the age of one and a half to two years. Playful, curious and intelligent, the BRT makes a great playmate. If you are looking for an intelligent family protector and looking for a dog that will do well with other dogs and animals, or looking for a dog that you can show or work or use on your farm the BRT is a fit for you. Most importantly the BRT is a fantastic canine for families with kids, they simply love children of all ages. The Black Russian Terrier seeks intense contact with humans and animals and is slow to mature. Always eager to please its owner, this breed only barks when it feels it is necessary. Training and socialization are very important, and The BRT enjoys training and is a sharp student.  BRT coat is coarse, dense, weatherproof, wiry and bristly but close lying wavy. It is recommended to see a groomer 3-4 times yearly. It is a low shedding breed, sheds very little if it is regularly brushed. It needs weekly brushing of minimum 45 minutes.

Life Expectancy is 10-15 years.

Litter Size: 6-12

Living Environment: BRT's do okay in an apartment if they are sufficiently exercised. They are relatively inactive indoors and no matter how big your yard is they will be sitting at your front door waiting to come in. The BRT loves companionship and will follow you from one room to the other. If you let the BRT outside they will follow you from window to window and wait for you at the door.

BRT's need very close human contact. They love their masters